About EEP Capital

Founded and run by seasoned investment professionals

EEP Capital was established in 2022 to provide early-stage investing and know-how to U.S. based Padel entrepreneurs. EEP Capital invests in early-stage companies including consumer oriented Padel clubs, high growth opportunities in sports technology, consumer goods, and sports teams. We also provide best-practice know-how and strategic support for new companies while supporting their growth, long-term success and increasing value. 

Based in Laguna Beach, California, EEP Capital was founded by seasoned Padel entrepreneurs, former corporate executives and professional athletes with main focus on investing in the U.S. market.

EEP Capital investors include Swedish, US, and Spanish sports entrepreneurs, including active NHL players and professional Padel players on the World Padel Tour.

EEP Capital is led by a deep and established senior leadership. Our entrepreneurial spirit is our foundation. The  world-class team brings the right mix of years of executive experience, investing acumen, and background in padel businesses. EEP Capital has an entrepreneurial, performance-driven culture built around the goal of delivering exceptional returns to its investors while maintaining a culture of risk management. The team at EEP Capital have the know-how to identify winners and advise on building and running successful Padel businesses, in addition to relevant capital markets and strong industry connections.

At EEP Capital, we create significant investor value by leading the entry of Padel in North America, following adoption and growth in Europe. Our leadership team has been involved at the forefront of Padel growth overseas and now brings this knowledge to the U.S. market.

Our Mission

We invest opportunistically in sports ventures to provide a return to our investors. We are an early stage investor in high growth companies that have the ability to move quickly to capture market share in a fast moving marketplace. We look for entrepreneurs who can build brands and execute operating strategies at an early stage of mass market adoption of a new consumer focused recreational sport with a proven growth trajectory. 

In addition to our focus on growth, we also aim to provide an excellent investor experience with clear and frequent communication. With our focus on padel which is a social sport at its core, we also focus on our community of investors by maintaing frequent communication including newsletters and reports. We are passionate about Padel, the game, the social drivers and its abilities in bringing people together. 

We view ourselves as strategic investors who know sports and specifically padel operations. We also understand legal structures, accounting challeges and understand the issues that arise for start ups.

Currently, the demand for Padel courts is surpassing the current availability, presenting a unique investment opportunity

Focused Investing

Disciplined approach to investing combined with differentiated relationships in sports

Deep understanding of Padel with experience in varying business models

Results Oriented

Long-term partners focused on building sustained and durable value

We help find creative solutions to challenging entrepreneurial situations

Strategic Partnerships

Trusted partner with strong network and industry experience

Bring strategic value and diversity to investments

Meet the Team

Alan Flatt

CEO and President

Alan is a business executive with decades of experience with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Alan has over 25 years of experience in commercial real estate banking across the US with Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and others. Most recently Alan led the development of a new adventure hospitality venture. Alan has an undergraduate degree in Engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Michigan.

Philip Siberg


Philip is a serial entrepreneur with a background in venture capital and building up life science companies with strong US focus for over 25 years. He is currently CEO of Senzime (a Nasdaq-listed medical device company), Partner at Southbloom Corporate Finance and Chairman of Nasdaq-listed Acarix. Philip has an MSc. in Engineering and Industrial Economics from the Royal Institute of Engineering (KTH) in Stockholm.

Christ Ishoo

Founder and Advisor

Christ is a lifelong entrepreneur who has founded multiple companies. He is the founder of AllStars Spain, a thriving MMA gym. He has also founded a consumer electricity company. Christ co-founded and currently runs EE Padel, an international sales company for padel courts. EE Padel, originally focused on Europe, has recently expanded into the US market. Christ’s consulting company, Nico Management, advises eep CAPITAL.

David Meister


David Meister is a financial executive with significant experience in startups and middle market companies. His financial expertise and business knowledge was developed over 35 year career. David has served public and private companies in many industries and business sectors while facilitating M&A transactions, raising capital and managing financial reporting. David has a BA and MBA from the University of Rochester.

Marcos Del Pilar


Marcos is the current co-founder and commissioner of the Pro Padel League and the former President of the United States Padel Association. He is a former professional tennis and padel player with over 25 years of experience managing clubs and sports projects.


The U.S. market for padel is still in its early stages, allowing for early investments in emerging industry leaders. The demand for Padel courts is surpassing the current availability, presenting a unique investment opportunity. Existing centers are experiencing attractive profit margins, with a payback period of two to three years and stable margins of 35%.

Padel centers are characterized by low staffing requirements and low maintenance, making them efficient and cost-effective. Business models for Padel centers often involve recurring revenue and subscription-based models, adding to their long-term viability. Technology and other equipment utilized in Padel are in high demand due the public interest in the sport.

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