EEP Capital invests with a focus on catalyst driven investments where we can add value with our experience to opportunities through relationships, experience and skills.

Our team takes a flexible approach to investing, recognizing that no two transactions are the same. We choose our partners carefully and tailor each investment approach to ensure objectives, short-term and long-term align.

Uniquely, we are solely focused on Padel Sports and related vertical investments around Padel and have the capability to underwrite our offers directly or with co-investment partners.

EEP Capital is a venture capital company specialized in investments in the Padel sports industry.

Current Investments

Ace Padel

Ace Padel ™ – Official Home of Social Sports was established in Europe and the United States in 2021. Ace Padel’s concept is to combine the passion for sport with a sense of luxury, familiarity and overall well-being with inclusivity as signposts. Founders Peter and Elliot Carnello collectively possess a significant depth and breadth of experience both within high level sports; primarily Tennis and Padel, as well as brand management and strategic product placement in the entertainment/media industry. By applying their extensive experience in sports, premium brand management, and the entertainment industry Elliot and Peter have created, conceptualized and developed the Ace Padel product and brand specifically for the US premium key-market. Ace Padel is the natural result of their collaboration and combined skills. Ace Padel is based in Florida and Southern California. For more info, check out

Los Angeles BEAT

The Los Angeles BEAT professional padel team plays in the Pro Padel League, which was launched in April 2023. The season successfully launched with six regular season games plus a championship round. The team consisted of ten players. The starting four players were former world #1 Sebastian Nerone, US #1 Luise Estrada, former world #1 Daniela Banchera and Jordana Lujan.The LA BEAT team is coached by Diego Zalazar with more than 30 years of experience teaching the sport. Games were professionally broadcast with CBS Sports leading the coverage. Adidas is the lead sponsor for the team.

Professional Padel League

The Pro Padel League (PPL) is North America’s professional Padel league. PPL’s mission is to create a premier sports league providing a platform for fans to experience the sport in local markets. The league is generating nationwide awareness and excitement through matches and exhibitions with a strong value proposition driven by streaming and social media.The PPL team competition kicked off in May of 2023 in Florida with seven teams. The league has secured media coverage through CBS Sports and sponsorships with several multinational companies.

Bay Padel

Bay Padel is a pioneering Padel and Pickleball club in the Bay Area. With a mission to create inclusive clubs that embrace players of all backgrounds and abilities. Bay Padel offers a strong sense of community for individuals to enjoy the sports and grow in their chosen disciplines. With top-notch facilities, professional coaching, tournaments, and events, Bay Padel aims to revolutionize the Padel and Pickleball scene and inspire a lifelong love for these dynamic sports.

Padel X USA

Padel X USA LLC, established in 2022, is a US based Padel venture founded by a team of Argentinian entrepreneurs with the aspiration of becoming the leading padel platform in the USA, including clubs, e-commerce and events.

Park Padel

Park Padel, established in November, 2022 was founded by a group of three entrepreneurs from San Francisco with a passion for sports and wellness. The group is leveraging their strong networks in the Bay Area to build an athletic social club where players can build a strong community around the sport.

Padel Haus

Padel Haus opened in July 2022 as the first New York based Padel club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The venture is led by Santiago Gomez, a successful serial entrepreneur that founded several successful restaurants with venues in New York and Los Angeles.

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