EEP Capital invests in New York based Padel Haus

PRESS RELEASE NOVEMBER 24, 2022 – EEP CAPITAL (“EEP”) today announced an investment in Padel Haus, the first and currently only Padel Club in New York City.
EEP Capital is providing venture capital to help scale and expand the Padel Haus franchise across the US East Coast.

Padel is considered the fastest growing sport in the world played in over 90 countries with an estimated 20 million active players. Padel is quickly gaining traction in the US market and
the number of courts is expected to grow from 200 currently to over 30,000 courts and over 8 million players by 2030.

Padel Haus opened in July 2022 as the first New York-based Padel club based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The venture is led by Santiago Gomez, a successful serial entrepreneur that founded several successful restaurants with venues in New York and Los Angeles.

“We’re excited to be a major investor in Padel Haus and partner with Santiago Gomez and his talented team to help expand the successful Padel Haus franchise across the US”, comments Alan Flatt, President of EEP Capital.

EEP Capital was established in Orange County, CA, in July 2022 as first dedicated venture capital company for the emerging US Padel market. EEP Capital provides capital, knowhow and the toolbox to help US-based Padel entrepreneurs succeed. Funds have been raised from among others Swedish entrepreneurs, several leading Swedish NHL-players as well as World Padel Tour professional Padel players.

About EEP Capital LLC

EEP Capital was established in 2022 to provide early-stage venture capital and know-how to US based Padel entrepreneurs. We’re on a mission to bring Padel – considered the fastest growing sport in the world with an estimated 20 million active players – to the US in close partnership with passionate, local entrepreneurs. EEP Capital is based in Laguna Beach, CA, and is a spin-off from EE Padel, a global supplier of Padel courts and accessories. For more info, check out

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