EEP Capital launches as the first dedicated VC company investing in US Padel projects

PRESS RELEASE JULY 12, 2022 – EEP CAPITAL (“EEP”) today announced its market launch as the first VC investing purely into US-based Padel projects. The announcement follows the closing of the first funding round of a total investment of USD 15 million. Investors include a group of professional Swedish NHL-players, Spanish World Padel Tour-players and Swedish Padel entrepreneurs.

Padel is considered the fastest growing sport in the world with considerable penetration in European countries like Sweden and Spain. Since its inception in Mexico in the 1960s, Padel is now played in over 90 countries with an estimated 20 million active players. Over 10,000 Padel courts have been built in the last two years. Adoption in the US is now reporting considerable growth.

EEP Capital is established to provide capital, know-how and the toolbox to help US-based Padel entrepreneurs succeed. Investors in EEP Capital includes Swedish, US and Spanish sport entrepreneurs including a number of active NHL-players as Jacob Markström and Elias Lindholm (Calgary Flames), and professional Padel players on the World Padel Tour.

“We’re excited to build the foundation of Padel in the US in close partnership with great local investors and entrepreneurs. There is a clear and overwhelming interest for the Padel and EEP has the tools to help quickly establish the world’s fastest growing sport on the world’s largest sports market”, comments Philip Siberg, Chairman of the Board of EEP.

EEP Capital was founded as a spin-off from EE Padel, a manufacturer and global supplier of Padel courts. EE Padel is noting a strong demand from the US market and is now actively selling and delivering Padel courts to US based Padel enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

EEP Capital is established in Orange County, California. To get in touch and discuss Padel projects, contact us at

About EEP Capital LLC

EEP Capital was established in 2022 to provide early-stage venture capital and know-how to US based Padel entrepreneurs. We’re on a mission to bring Padel – considered the fastest growing sport in the world with an estimated 20 million active players – to the US, in close partnership with passionate, local entrepreneurs. EEP Capital is based in Laguna Beach, CA, and is a spin-off from EE Padel, a global supplier of Padel courts and accessories. For more info, check out

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